A day of ideas and solutions led by industry experts + inspiring artists who are defying the odds despite COVID-19.

2020 has been a hugely difficult year for emerging artists. COVID-19 has left the live sector in tatters, release plans in turmoil and has, at times, felt like an existential crisis, challenging the music world as we know it. 
But that ISN’T the way it has to be. Honestly, there are artists who have flourished during COVID-19. BEACON was created to share these stories.

BEACON was a day of video webinars, masterclasses, short artist chats and selected Q&As pulled together to help you to think about creative ways to grow your artist project after COVID. FUTURE YARD sought out a group of artists and industry professionals who have led innovative campaigns to drive success in the midst of the COVID pinch. There are some very inspiring stories and strategies that came about despite the trying circumstances – and we hope you’ll be able to feel similarly inspired by these stories, and find ways of adapting these ideas in your own way.

How can you maximise your streaming potential? What are the best techniques for building successful social media strategies during COVID? How are A&Rs discovering new music at this time? How can you boost your merch offer?

There is hope for a brighter future. Even before live shows return, there are so many ways you can propel your music career. Other artists are doing it. BEACON is your chance to find out how.

This is a chance to learn from the artists who have embraced lockdown and managed to break through successfully during this uniquely challenging time.

This event featured representatives from AWAL, Bandcamp, BLACKSTAR, Warner Records UK, They Do., Twitch and more.

We also spoke to Yard Act, Pillow Queens, Natalie McCool, Iamkyami, False Advertising and SPQR about some useful things they’ve been doing to continue to build their project.

BEACON took place online as a series of live video webinars, starting at 11am on Saturday 5th December 2020 and ran until 5.30pm. All the videos will be available online for a limited time.

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