Where: Liverpool/Manchester

Natalie McCool is an exceptional talent who has taken a particularly pro-active approach to building up her career over the past few years.

She has amassed many industry supporters and is a real triple threat when it comes to her songwriting, performing and vision. Extensive touring and a personable approach to social media has seen her build up a loyal following of fans. Her ability to captivate audiences solo as well as with her full-band shows her versatility and highlights her talent.

Natalie’s self-released album, 2016’s ‘The Great Unknown’, is a bold record that bites. A collection of prickly pop songs with so much depth, exploring the complexities of relationships. Relatable and illuminating.

She recently released the first single from her forthcoming album, Someone Nue.

2020 welcomes more new music from Natalie and an appearance at SXSW. More details will be made public soon, but in the meantime, contact – cath@mostdeffo.com