mostdeffo works with a small and perfectly formed roster of acts across different genres.

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Eyesore & The Jinx

Eyesore & The Jinx are part of an exciting group of bands and artists that make up the cohort of Merseyside taste-makers Eggy Records. The label acts as a co-operative, a supportive group of creatives and misfits who have built something very special.

Natalie McCool

An exceptional talent who has taken a particularly pro-active approach to building up her career over the past few years. 2016's 'The Great Unknown' is a bold record that bites. 2020 welcomes a leap forward for Natalie.

Beija Flo

From a lovely room in a horrible house somewhere between Watford gap and the Land of Oz, Beija Flo is a calm kind of frenzy, fashioning songs for doomed lovers and don’t know why’s.