mostdeffo works with a perfectly formed roster of acts across different genres.

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Eyesore & The Jinx

Setting politically charged, social commentary against creeping psychobilly, Eyesore and the Jinx have announced themselves as a wholly unique proposition in Merseyside's effervescent music scene.

Natalie McCool

An exceptional talent who has taken a particularly pro-active approach to building up her career over the past few years. 2016's 'The Great Unknown' is a bold record that bites. 2019 welcomes a leap forward for Natalie.

Beija Flo

From a lovely room in a horrible house somewhere between Watford gap and the Land of Oz, Beija Flo is a calm kind of frenzy, fashioning songs for doomed lovers and don’t know why’s.


LYDIAH is an alternative-folk artist from Liverpool who carries her uniquely soulful vocal with vivid, poetic lyrics. Through her atmospheric and captivating performances, her music draws you in to a world full of complex characters and dark stories.

The Claque

The Claque are Alan Duggan, Kate Brady and Paddy Ormond. Old friends from Dublin and familiar faces in the city’s music scene.