I thought I’d whizz together a quick update with a few things that are going on at the moment, all in one place.

First up, big thanks to everyone that tuned in to the first edition of the new FUTURE YARD webinar series #DIRECTINPUT on Monday with Alan from Girl Band. We’ll be posting a highlights video soon, so look out for that via Future Yard’s socials. The next webinar is going to take place on 31.08.20 at 6pm with the amazing Katie Harkin. Head over to the event for full details and sign up to attend:

Direct Input | Harkin


A while back I wrote an article about how to deal with incidents of sexual harassment which was as a direct response to some pretty awful allegations taking place in our local live music scene, here in Liverpool. The article seemed to strike a chord with many people, which I really wasn’t expecting it to. Thank you to everyone that got in touch, shared their stories and experiences and also to my fellow Liverpool City Region Music Board members who saw the importance of making it a key agenda item. As a result of further conversations around this issue, the Musicians’ Union very kindly offered to pay for our local music venues to take part in a training session delivered by the Good Night Out Campaign, which is taking place virtually this afternoon.

I will be putting together a podcast episode this evening to follow up on the original article and to also share key discoveries from this training session. I think it’s important to keep these conversations bubbling in order for action to happen and to keep learning how to do better.

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Read/listen to the original article here.


I think we all need to be honest that gigs are not going to happen in a normal way for a very long time. Live opportunities may present themselves, but there won’t be as many offered to emerging artists that will help get them in front of new audiences.

While we’re uncertain as to when the live music industry will return I wanted to pull together some things to think about when you’re releasing music without shows. It was going to be one article, but I quickly realised there was loads more I wanted to cover on this, so it’s turned out as a series.

Part one is up now.

I’m going to be pulling together the next bit over the next few days, which is going to focus on actual release strategy. Timelining, contacting people, useful tools, all that kind of stuff. If you have any specific questions or comments, or even you’d like to share something that’s worked for you during this NO SHOW period, then do let me know. DMs are open on Facebook and Twitter, reply to this or email me on cath@mostdeffo.com.

I’m also going to be having a chat with Emily Pilbeam about all this on her BBC Introducing show on Saturday in West Yorkshire & Humberside.

On this, I’ve also made a little collaborative playlist on Spotify for you to share your lockdown releases. So if you’ve put out anything without a gig in sight, add it on. Give it a follow, listen to the other acts on it and if you hear something you like, why not add it to your own playlists or give it a shout on socials!

I recently delivered two singles for release in the coming months (more on those in the next newsletter), so this is all very useful stuff for me to be researching right now! Let’s all share as much good stuff on this as possible.


Last but by no means least!

I’m raising money for Choose Love/Help Refugees. Please donate anything you can to help these wonderful people support refugees all over the world.


I’m selling ltd edition “MOSTDEFFO.’ t shirts and totes with all profits going to this vital cause. Available over on Bandcamp, now: https://mostdeffo.bandcamp.com/

If you’ve taken away any useful stuff from anything I’ve shared, please do consider donating the price of a pint or something, if you can!


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