I very much appreciate the festivals that are facing very difficult decisions based on ever changing circumstances, who see the importance of announcing their line ups and putting spotlights on the promising acts that they have picked to play. It definitely helps keep bands and artists in people’s heads, particularly around releases.

Left of The Dial in Rotterdam booked Eyesore & The Jinx a good while back and have just announced their first wave of acts playing their festival in October, including Bdrmm, Home Counties, Italia 90, JOHN and loads more. They’ve made it super clear they’re following local guidance and have been really great at keeping in touch about this, too.

It would be ace to get Eyesore back in the Netherlands this year, but obviously only if it’s safe to do so.

They haven’t put their tickets on sale yet, but they’ve set up a waiting list for those interested in attending. I guess this is a good way of testing appetite for the festival without taking any money off people. Interesting way of doing it.

Check out their website for all the info – https://leftofthedial.nl/

You can pre-order Eyesore & The Jinx’s debut EP here – https://smarturl.it/THEEXILEPARLOUREP

I was having a good old look on the website for Reeperbahn¬†yesterday, because Natalie McCool is booked to play it with Whyte Horses, and it’s great to see they are thinking positively and are already sharing the changes they are making to the festival in order to keep it safe. I think sharing this information at this early stage is a great way of not just building up the confidence of their audience and participants – not just for this particular festival (if it’s actually able to take place), but also a good exercise in getting audiences to start to think about how returning to the live sector when it is safe to do so might look, start getting those safety measures out in the open.