Singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Natalie McCool shines as a major star in the UK indie world, having risen through the ranks and amassed a ton of organic support and critical acclaim. With the promise of a new album on the horizon, she gives us the first taste of what’s to come with her alluring new single “Someone Nue”.

Known for her truly innovative and beautiful take on pop music, the newest release from the indie-pop stalwart uses simple textures and minimal soundscapes to create another alt-pop gem. Having written, produced and recorded the track in its entirety, “Someone Nue” is yet another stellar solo effort. It’s a gorgeous track that is made even more special with her incredibly vivid song writing that evokes feelings of fresh starts and a voice that is soft and soothing.

Speaking on the new track, Natalie shared: “I wrote this song about the creeping feeling you get when you know something is over. A “Nue” is a legendary Japanese spirit of ill omen; a shapeshifting phantom which sometimes appears as a black cloud. This was a perfect theme to bring to the lyrics because it represents the creeping dread you feel when you slowly realise the truth and what it represents. I wanted to weave this theme into the whole single concept including the video design which has a yin / yang feel to it, where you are watching something pure being spoiled.”

Making her first steps into music when she won a national song writing competition judged by Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, Natalie McCool has excelled as a well-rounded artist.

Releasing her debut album ‘The Great Unknown’ in 2016, it has made tastemakers across the board fans of her exceptional art, the likes of The Sunday Times, Q, Line of Best Fit, as well as Huw Stephens and Alice Levine.

With her tour dates officially announced and her forthcoming album fully wrapped up, she embarks on a brand-new adventure working with a label for the first time in Modern Sky UK. With songs that capture themes of childhood, adulthood, love, jealousy and loss, it will set the tone for such an ambitious and exciting act.

Tour dates

23rd Sept – Oporto – Leeds

25th Sept – Jimmy’s – Manchester

26th Sept – The Waiting Room – London