What if all the male humans suddenly disappeared? Hold that thought; what if all the male humans never even existed in the first place?

‘Woman’s World’, Natalie McCool’s one-off single release for International Women’s Day 2019, is a neo-psych sci-fi wooze through a world that men no longer populate or possibly never did. A world where girls and women are free from the gender shackles that discourage them at all ages from scientific, mathematic thought – where they are free to ascend to anything; world power, moon landings, even monotheistic god status – a world in which they don’t have to shatter the glass ceiling, because there isn’t one.

Woman’s World is released on all digital services on 15th March through Modern Sky UK / Warner ADA

Natalie McCool is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and a formidable front woman. She has amassed an army of fans and plenty of critical acclaim with her truly innovative and beautiful take on pop music. Her debut album ‘The Great Unknown’ was supported by BBC Radio 1 amongst a swell of UK press and was accompanied by two headline UK tours, a number of festival appearances (UK and Europe) and shows in South Korea, Japan, Russia and Australia.

Natalie recently completed work on her follow up. A collection of songs that capture and crystallise her memories from both childhood and adulthood, weaving deeply intimate stories that channel life’s most vital thoughts and feelings like love, jealousy and loss into a skewed mixture of lilting yet gloriously catchy pop songs. Her new album is a new beginning, having brought on board a label (Modern Sky UK) for the first time in her career, it sets an ambitious tone for this exciting artist.

Before we see Natalie emerge with this new body of work, stand-alone single ‘Woman’s World’ is released especially for International Women’s Day 2019.


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